Why Do I See The Social Media Content I Share Also Shared by Others?

Someone recently asked me this question, so I thought it would be a good one to address. The goal of social media content is to be shared, so it’s natural to find that others are sharing the same content. Those who create content such as blog posts do so with the goal of having it shared as much as possible, so when it’s shared by lots of other people, that’s a good sign and the writer is definitely happy. If you are seeing this content being shared by others, it simply means that you are following others who have identified the same content as valuable to their social media followers.

It would make sense then, to see the exact same articles shared by your (alleged) competition, given that you serve a similar audience. Who knows, they might have seen it on your profile to begin with and isn’t imitation the best form of flattery? In the world of social media is if not only acceptable to share content of your “competitors”, but it’s a good strategy. It speaks volumes about a company’s culture when they know that they are good at what they do and do not feel threatened because someone else is in the same field (that a whole different topic). :-)

If you want to create truly unique content you can do that by creating your own blog posts, images, and videos. And hopefully others will repost and share those and give you additional exposure in the process.

I will close with this. My company manages social media campaigns for several companies. It’s important to know that the best type of campaign is one where the internal team has the freedom to share some of the internal dialogue from within through the social media channels. This is the stuff that happens in real time and would be easier to post than to send a message to your social media provider, and it makes for a robust campaign, with a mix of internal / personal posts as well as the information the educates, empowers, and edifies your audience.

If you have any questions about managing your social media campaign, feel free to contact me; I’d love to learn how my team and I can serve you.

The ONE Strategy That Can Grow ANY Business

It amazes me that companies spend thousands of dollars each month to acquire customers, only to disappoint them with exceedingly poor customer service. I like to remind people that the easiest way to grow a business is to keep your current customer happy. A happy customer spends more money and refers others to do the same. It’s a known fact that people are more likely to rant and complain (and write bad reviews) when they get bad service, than when they get good service. Customer service has gotten so bad, we now celebrate good customer service, forgetting that it should be the norm.

The one thing that every business can do to grow their bottom line is to improve on customer service. I recently shared my customer service concerns with a vendor and the CEO (who I am friends with) emailed me back and asked how she could improve. That was a win in itself; the hard part is implementation. I told her to do two things. I asked her to call in to her company or have someone call into her company and get some feedback on how the engagements started. I will tell you they were horrible. If you have someone answering your phones and they hate their job or where they are in a particular season of life, it shows, and it’s likely costing you money. I know first hand that this company is losing clients to their competition who gives amazing service (I use the services of both companies.)  I also told her to ask her customers to give her candid feedback on why they took their business to her competition. Surveys are a great way to gauge how we are doing with customer service. I seek to find out how I can serve my customers better. If we let them down, I always step in to let them know we are willing to make good on it. My company is small enough to where I can do that, but in a large organization, someone needs to step in and look at it from the perspective of the customer who spent money and was let down.

If you want to stand out in your field, just keep finding ways to improve your customer experience. It is sure to pay off because happy customers become repeat customers and great referral sources.


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